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[Groff] editing chinese?

From: erich hoffmann
Subject: [Groff] editing chinese?
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 17:49:47 +0100


I'm editing chinese texts, which I can do very well in plain text
and format them to printable output with the paps filter (at, the texts look like: 

   你 家 有 几 口 人 ?
   你们 学校 有 多少 学生 ?
   我 想 , 大概 有 三 万 个 .
   老板 让 我 去 那里 工作 .

Then, I know how to do that with tex, having a running texlive
distribution, and I can do that with groff and the -Tutf8 output,
formatting that again with the paps filter to printable output.
This works fine and so far I can live with that.

   Are there chances to generate dvi, ps, pdf output with groff, using
afmtodit or tfmtodit or so?  The idea is to have those chinese symbols
in the source file, and groff can manage them.  I tried to, but it was
very difficult if not impossible for me to figure out the font files,
then I first got error messages and then got lost.  Can someone give
me advice or warn me not to try?

Thanks in advance, Erich

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