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[Groff] Misplaced glyphs

From: Ali Gholami Rudi
Subject: [Groff] Misplaced glyphs
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 08:00:47 +0330
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Unfortunately some of the glyphs in ghostscript symbol font are misplaced,
which cause bad table rendering, among other things, in the original
troff and its descendants; the same behavior can be observed in solaris
troff, heirloom troff, and plan9 troff with little differences.  See the
attached file which has been created using my linux port of plan9 troff

I don't know what's the best way of fixing it, but I can think of the
following solutions.  The last two seem cleaner but I don't have the
necessary postscript skills to judge how easy they are:

* Adding per glyph horizontal and vertical displacements in troff font
  description files
* Adding charlib glyphs for the problematic ones (I don't know what's its
  groff equivalent)
* Adding a postscript prolog to fix those glyphs

On the other hand, groff places \(br and \(rn correctly.  How does it
do it?

Note that gnu eqn seems to handle large brackets and sqrt using special
characters (\[bracketrightex] instead of \(bv which the original eqn


Troff source of the attached file:

Bad br:
.sp 2
Bad rn and br,
.sp 2
Bad rn, \(sr\(rn, and large brackets lc, lf, rc, rf,
\b'\(lc\(bv\(lf' \b'\(rc\(bv\(rf':
.EQ L ""
c =
left [
sqrt { a } over b
right ]

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