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Re: [Groff] pdfroff - links always go to the top of the page

From: Louis Guillaume
Subject: Re: [Groff] pdfroff - links always go to the top of the page
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 19:28:52 -0500
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On 2/8/12 8:11 AM, Keith Marshall wrote:
On 07/02/12 13:08, Louis Guillaume wrote:
Is there a way to make `.pdfhref' or `.pdfbookmark' links go to the
sections themselves ...

For me, that's exactly what they do, by default, both with Adobe
Reader-9, and with Evince-2.32.0/poppler/cairo-0.14.3

Just tried with Acrobat Reader on Windows and you're right! It does work there. But it does not work properly on Preview on OS X (Snow Leopard). However other PDFs with bookmarks and/or links do work in Preview.

I wonder if there's some good reason that Preview is behaving like this just for the pdfroff output. Looking through the PDF contents is not shedding any light for me.

... rather than to the page that the target is on?

I do seem to recall seeing similar behaviour with an older version of
Evince, or maybe with kpdf, (in the Ubuntu-8.04 era); Adobe Reader has
never, IME, exhibited such behaviour.

For example, my headings are done like this...

.NH 1

... then the link is like this...

.pdfhref L -D CONTACTINFORMATION  --  Contact Information

You don't say, but I'm guessing that you're using the sample -mspdf,
which accompanies the pdfroff/pdfmark distribution?  That looks okay to
me; certainly not significantly different from my own usage.

Before I was using `.pdfbookmark' entries for each heading, and had the same problem. So I decided to use `.XN' instead. But it didn't seem to change anything.

I did use the pdfmark document as a guide, and I'm building with

 pdfroff --no-toc-reloc -stp -mspdf -dpaper=letter -P-pletter

There are no fancy macros or anything.

Thanks for looking.


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