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Re: [Groff] character class patch

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] character class patch
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 11:34:04 +0100 (CET)

> Sorry if it sounds pestering.

I'm very sorry for not reacting!  However, I've moved, and my
priorities were (and still are) elsewhere.

> In this summer I was trying to finish the character class patch by Brian
> M. Carlson and Colin Watson, for better Japanese rendering.  At that
> time it basically worked, but since then I have fixed some "TODO" items
> marked in the original patch.  The current patches are at:
> 0001-Import-Colin-Watson-s-charclass-branch-with-minor-fi.patch
> 0002-Use-wcwidth-to-determine-glyph-width.patch
> As a Japanese user, I'm hoping that this feature will be included in
> the upstream.  Anyway, any comments or suggestions would be
> appreciated.

I've had a brief look a few weeks ago, and my only concern is the use
of standard C++ libraries which aren't used in groff at all.  However,
since noone has sufficient time to either rewrite the patch to replace
<string>, <map>, and <vector> with something homebrewn (which is
probably a silly idea nowadays), or to do the opposite with the
remaining part of groff, I'll simply apply your patch in due course.
This inevitably causes code duplication, but I think we can live with

Will have a more detailed look soon, hopefully.

> P.S.  Now we are going to start testing it in Fedora Rawhide (the
> development branch for the next Fedora release) since we don't see
> any concern:

This is good news.


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