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Re: [Groff] URW font support (was: Latin-2 encoding is missing)

From: Denis M. Wilson
Subject: Re: [Groff] URW font support (was: Latin-2 encoding is missing)
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 16:29:17 +0100
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I have tried Makefile.urw, and it works fine for text fonts, but not
for the special fonts. Two typos: udzrrev.afm should be uzdrrev.afm, and
PHONY should be .PHONY

The results are identical to using my devps-alt package, except symbol fonts, and the latin2 example works.

US:     I changed the construction of `symbolmap' to remove duplicates,
fixing a lot of messages from afmtodit like the following, of
        which one remains:

        both Upsilon1 and Upsilon map to *U at .../afmtodit line 6412.
        (U* has different definitions in textmap and symbolchars)

        In my package, I used a handcrafted symbolmap for URW, with:
                Upsilon1        U*

USS:    Needs to be made from the URW AFM not the Adobe AFM (replace the
        reoved section of Maefile in Makefile.urw). Haven't time to fix
        it --- I'll do it if required later.

UZDR:   #   FullName Dingbats Reverse (`Reverse' missing, not

In addition shouldn't version of the URW zapfdr.pfa be installed e.g. as
uzapfdr.pfa and the download file amended to include it?

Similar remarks apply to symbolsl.pfa.

The devps-alt package doesn't correctly work for the symbol fonts if you
want to use both the Adobe and URW versions. I'm looking into a fix. I'm
about to release version 1.05, with minor fixes. Note that it makes
installing additional fonts quite easy (I have about 250 all working
with groff). See


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