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Re: [Groff] French punctuation

From: Pierre-Jean Fichet
Subject: Re: [Groff] French punctuation
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 21:49:18 +0200


I can add some little things about french punctuation:

1) quotes inside quotes
In that case, we use english quotes.
Usually without spaces, like this:

Il a écrit : « Il a dit :  “Bonsoir” ».

2) suspension point 
It seems that in english we should write:
dot - short space - dot - short space - dot
and add another dot to close the sentence.

In french we use an unicode character: …
(without space before), which doesn't need anymore dot to close
the sentence.
Its code is U+2026

3) unbreakable spaces
One more thing to know is that the spaces used with punctuation
can't be broken (we can't write them in another line than the
word before) I don't know if “\h'0.2n'” is breakable or not.

4) For myself I'm using this:
.\" unbreakable normal space
.char : \~:
.\" unbreakable short space
.char ; \|;
.char ? \|?
.char ! \|!
.char » \|»
.char « «\|

I'd like to find a way to let groff exchange ... by … .

5) If you need to more precisions, have a look at
the french wikipedia, starting by this page:


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