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[Groff] Bug in -mdoc `Bl -column' or I'm not getting something.

From: Kristaps Dzonsons
Subject: [Groff] Bug in -mdoc `Bl -column' or I'm not getting something.
Date: Sun, 09 May 2010 20:47:56 +0200
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Hello, another groff question.

Consider the following,

 .Bl -column asdfasdf asdfasdf asdfasdf
 .It a ) ] ;<TAB>b ) ] ;<TAB>c ) ;

where <TAB> is a tab.  Why does this produce the following:

 a]) ;       b]) ;       c]);
   ^^^         ^^^

In words, each column's last closing-punctuation is buffered by a space,
while prior ones aren't.  This happens with any sequence ") ) ]" etc.
Shouldn't this really do

 a ] ) ;     b ] ) ;     c]);

since <TAB>-separated lines are supposed to behave like columnar real
lines and only the closing terms are adjusted?

Is this a bug or intentional behaviour?

Note that "new" groff and "old" groff both exhibit the same behviour.

Thank you,


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