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Re: [Groff] filled polygons in pic

From: Ted Harding
Subject: Re: [Groff] filled polygons in pic
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 09:54:32 +0100 (BST)

On 12-Apr-10 07:06:17, Patrik Schindler wrote:
> Am 12.04.2010 um 04:31 schrieb Doug McIlroy:
>> It it seems like a good idea, I might volunteer to try to do it right.
>  From my point of view, it absolutely makes sense. I also missed polys 
> from time to time.

The fundamental issue is the small repertoire of fillable,
colourable or shadeable objects in pic -- basically box,
circle, ellipse.

A closely related question came up in 2005, which led to a quite
deep discussion. The thread starts with a post from Ole Schoenig
on 13 September 2005, and can be found at

One idea which came to me in the course of that was that it
would be useful to be able to assign a "closed" attribute to
an object drawn by pic, which could then embed its PostScript
execution in a "newpath ... closepath" with an optional "fill",
"coloured" or "shaded" attribute which would then additionaly
cause PostScript to apply an appropriate "fill". I gave a
hypothetical example:

  [ arc down rad 1; arc rad 1;
    line up 0.5 left 0.75; 
    line left 0.5; 
    line left 0.75 down 0.5 ] closed shaded "green"

  (being the part of a house+garden plan showing the grass lawn).

  The idea here is that anything within [ ... ] consisting of
  a series of connected segments, arcs of circles or ellipses,
  splines, etc. can be made into a closed object with the 'closed'
  attribute and subsequently shaded (with "shaded" or filled (with

However, inmplementing this sort of thing would involve modifying
pic extensively at a deep level.

Another approach (which I have recently been playing with for
arbitrary rotations in pic) is to implement PostScript commands
as troff strings (e.g. ".ds PSop1 \X'ps: exec ... '") and
then you can plant them as "troff text" within pic code.
For examples of what can be done on the rotation front have
a look at the thread "[Groff] A little Greetings card," which
starts on 29 December 2010 near the bottom of

There are follow-ups, implementing the "\X'ps: exec ... '"
mechanism more explicitly, at
  [Groff] Rotating element of a PIC fogure
  [Groff] More on rotation in PIC

I will try to see what can be done along similar lines for
implementing arbitrary closed and filled/coloured/shaded objects
in pic.

Another approach one could consider for shaded polygons is to
exploit pic's capabilities as a numerical computing engine.
This would basically use pic to compute the troff "\D'P ... '"
command for drawing a closed polygon, and combining this
with the appropriate commands to set fill level or colour.
I will look into this too.

I have, indeed, a somewhat intermittent project in hand to
implement a fairly general repertoire of such things for pic.
The general idea is to get pic to construct something which
is then dropped into a constructed PostScript context to be
further processed by PostScript when grops gets at it. The
"\*[rotate] ... \*[restore]" method implemented in the last
two URLs above is a simple instance of the kind of thing I
have in mind.

Hoping this is helpful!

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