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Re: [Groff] Local/global/my/common

From: Miklos Somogyi
Subject: Re: [Groff] Local/global/my/common
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 20:42:15 +1100

Werner thank you,

Just out of interest. As someone who hates typing a lot and loves silly 2 character names, I would write a Perl script to list and sort number registers in source files. Is there a utility that does that regarding groff and other compiled companions?
Perhaps done using the source just before compilation?


On 04/01/2009, at 06:58 PM, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

Groff is a programming language, sort of. I wonder whether already
exist a scope-separating mechanism for number registers,


just I do not know about it, or is there such a thing in the
pipeline in the future?


If you mistype the name of a macro, it won't get executed, and in
the absence of a warning you may think that everything is ok.  I
believe that one may get a warning, but I can't find it how.

groff's command line option -ww activates all warnings.

With number registers, what is the best policy to avoid conflict? By
naming conventions? Weirder and weirder?

A macro package `foo' should use its name as a prefix to create a kind
of namespace: foo_bar, foo:bar, foo-bar, foo*bar, etc., etc.


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