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Re: [Groff] pdfroff doubles the output

From: Tadziu Hoffmann
Subject: Re: [Groff] pdfroff doubles the output
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 13:53:37 +0200
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> pdfroff incorporates a rather gruesome hack to collate tables
> of contents, such as those emitted by the ms .TC macro, from
> the end to the beginning of the document; effectively, it
> emits the document twice, capturing the body text in the first
> pass, and the TOC in the second, then pushes the two through
> ghostscript in collated order.
> IIRC, the spdf macro package redefines the .TC macro, adding
> some voodoo to suppress TOC output in the first pass, and body
> text in the second, but if you don't use this macro, you get
> the full body text in both passes, hence the doubled output
> you are seeing.  To avoid this, you should add the
> `--no-toc-relocation' option...

Some time ago I posted to this list a tentative set of
replacement macros for the -ms TOC feature, which make use of
groff's .write request to write a TOC file which can be read
in at any place in the document.  Perhaps something similar
could simplify the procedure in pdfroff?

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