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[Groff] Formatting braille

From: Susan Jolly
Subject: [Groff] Formatting braille
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 15:14:44 -0700


I am interested in using groff for formatting braille documents and would
appreciate feedback.  Here are a few of the big picture issues.

The 63 braille cells are represented by a transliteration to ASCII
characters.  However, some of the assignments are arbitrary so that, for
example, the ASCII post-punctuation marks stand for braille cells that can
be used before or in the middle of a word.

Formatting braille is very similar to formatting print using a fixed-width
font.  All of the braille cells (including the space) are the same size and
a page is characterized by the maximum number of braille cells that will fit
on a line (typically 32-40) and the maximum number of lines on a page
(typically 25).

It would be very nice to have a device-independent format so the same
braille file could be embossed with different page sizes and with the page
numbers adjusted accordingly.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Susan Jolly

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