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From: Peter Schaffter
Subject: Re: [Groff] RE: MOM - GROFF AND CSS
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 18:49:52 -0500
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On Fri, Nov 03, 2006, Josie Belliard wrote:
> Hi
> I used to do traditional typesetting, and used the
> most advanced features such as nestled autotabs,
> multiple columns, etc.
> I did everything in position, to the point.
> I would like to see some work done with MOM. Could you
> so kindly send me some links? If I have your support I
> could easily create columnar /tabular work that grows
> as the user increases the type sizes, browser, etc.

The online link to examples is

It contains sample code, plus PostScript previews of the samples.
The link to each preview is found at the bottom of each sample.

The best source for examples is the example files that come with
mom.  Check out the file

Column/tab work that adjusts itself to type sizes, etc is
accomplished using string tabs in mom.  Both the online examples
and the ones that come with mom show string tabs in action.

> I used to use compugraphic equipment and used codes
> such as:
> <AT1,11,C><AT1,L><IS><AT1,L><FP24><AT2,L>FP240<AT2,L><FP24><AT3,L><IS><IS><AT3,L><AT4,L><NFO>Longest
>  Sentence<NFX><AT4,L><AT11,C>
> <CT11>This is the heading to center over all columns
> <CT1>body body body<TB>body, body,
> body<TB>Sentence1<TQ>
> <EL>
> <ALD3>
> <HR100>

Ah, how familiar that all is.  I'm feeling downright nostalgic just
looking at it.

A lot of mom's macros are either translations or equivalents of CG
commands.  Assuming you've made a slight typo in your first autotab
command, and what you really mean is <AT11,C>, not <AT1,11,C>, your
example, above, could be accomplished

\# Page setup and basic type paramenters
.PAGE 8.5i 11i 1i 1i 1i 1i  \" Set up page dimensions and margins
.FAMILY  T                  \" Times Roman family
.FT      R                  \" Medium roman font
.PT_SIZE 7                  \" 7-point type; arbitrary
.AUTOLEAD 4                 \" Add four points lead to point size for leading
.LEFT                       \" No-fill mode
.RULE_WEIGHT 1              \" Set default rule weight to 1-point
\# Mark off string tabs (similar to CG's <AT> command) in a padded line
\# (once .PAD is invoked, the pound sign # is equivalent to <IS>)
.SILENT                     \"Equivalent to <NFO>
.PAD \
\*[FWD 24p]\
\*[ST2]\*[FWD 240p]\*[ST2X]\
\*[FWD 24p]\
\*[ST4]Longest Sentence\*[ST4X]\
.SILENT OFF                 \" Equivalent to <NFX>
\# Give a quad direction to each of the string tabs
.ST 11 C                    \" Center string tab 11
.ST 1  L                    \" Remaining tabs are flush left, line-for-line
.ST 2  L
.ST 3  L
.ST 4  L
.TAB 11                     \" Call tab 11
This is the heading to center over all columns
.TAB 1                      \" Call tab 1
body body body
.TN                         \" Move to next tab (.TAB <n>+1)
body, body, body
.EL                         \" Same as CG's <EL>
.TQ                         \" Quit (exit) tabs
.ALD 3p                     \" Advance 3 points
.DRH                        \" Draw a full-measure horizontal rule
The above is a very basic setup.  There are a number of issues that
would have to be dealt with in a real job, most likely requiring
the use of .MCO and .MCX (which mean the same thing as CG's <MCO>
and <MCX>).

> I wanted to know if I can use MOM along with CSS. I
> need to use CSS but it now good enough for complex
> work.

Please explain what you mean by using mom along with CSS.

Peter Schaffter

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