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[Groff] Again, WAS:moving TOC to start

From: Johann Höchtl
Subject: [Groff] Again, WAS:moving TOC to start
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 10:56:20 +0200

Hello, i am new (to the list)

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 07:48:04 -0700 Jon Snader wrote:

> Uh, oh, I wasn't aware that you use this indeed very nasty strategy
> within pdfroff.  As Tadziu suggested in another mail, groff should
> behave like LaTeX (and I was incorrectly assuming that the ms macros
> already do something similar), this is, writing out the table of
> contents piece by piece into a separate file so that the created
> auxiliary file can be read in by a second pass at any location.  This
> not only fixes the nasty collation problem, it also fixes possible
> page numbering issues -- it even allows that the table of contents
> ends on the same page as the main body starts (this may be useful for
> mini TOCs which are located at the beginning of each chapter, listing
> the sections and subsections to come).

I do exactly what Werner is suggesting for my TOC, and it works
out very well.  My chapter and section macros write out title and
page information to a file.  This file is processed by a script
to generate exactly the type of TOC needed for the document in
question (rather than a one type fits all).  This does, of
course, take two passes, but so what?

I was wondering whether you could post some of your script snippets here, so i 
could get the whole picture of moving tocs around in groff documents. Im an 
especially interessted in mini-tocs, sthg. hard or only in an awkward manner 
achievable with eg. ps-tools and awk / sed trickery.



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