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Re: [Groff] "Cosmetic" filling

From: Gunnar Ritter
Subject: Re: [Groff] "Cosmetic" filling
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 22:38:58 +0200
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(Ted Harding) <address@hidden> wrote:

> length is pointsize/2 (or 0.5m). And, for what it is worth, I'm
> using the defaults for \n[.ss] and \n[.sss], namely 12/36m.

Just to clarify this: 12/36m was the size of the space character
in CAT troff. ditroff and groff include the size of the space
character of the current font in this computation. The default
".ss 12" now indicates that this font-specific space size is
used without alteration. The groff manual correctly documents
this, but the ditroff manual was never updated accordingly.

When coding the direct Type 1 font support in Heirloom troff,
I had to cope with the problem that few ditroff fonts actually
included a "spacewidth" setting. To avoid text reflow, I thus
decided not to use the space width of Type 1 (and later also
TrueType/OpenType) fonts by default. I later added a separate
statement to enable this again, and in my groff compatibility
mode, it is enabled by default.


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