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Re: [Groff] Using a Bold Italic font in geqn

From: Zvezdan Petkovic
Subject: Re: [Groff] Using a Bold Italic font in geqn
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 23:53:51 -0500
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On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 02:25:43PM +1100, Robert Marks wrote:
> Now I want geqn to use the symbols from this fault instead of from
> SS.  I suppose I could just rename MDUTBIMI (my name for the new
> font) SS in font/devps, but isn't there a more elegant way to do it
> in a document?  (I don't always want to use the new font in geqn.)

when I want to replace Courier with another monospaced font on my slides
I use font translate request in gpresent source.
Below is an excerpt I use.

        .\" ----- remap Courier to LetterGothic used in COD book -----
        .ftr C LGR
        .ftr CR LGR
        .ftr CI LGI
        .ftr CB LGB
        .ftr CBI LGBI
        .\" ----- end of remapping -----

I have a macro that defines that code segments on the slide use bold
and the above practically translates it into LGB.  Works like a charm.
I believe it should work for you too if you translate SS into your

Best regards,

        Zvezdan Petkovic

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