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Re: [Groff] (no subject)

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] (no subject)
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 09:12:19 +0200 (CEST)

Sorry for the late reply.

> I cannot find anything about changing font colors in groff [...]

Recent versions of groff provide a two escapes and corresponding
requests to do that:

  \m, .gcolor: Set the glyph colour.
  \M, .fcolor: Set the colour of filled objects.

> This gives me an idea that it must be possible to change font color
> somehow.

Additionally to the above groff requests and escapes, you can directly
add PS commands with \X and \Y (and since yesterday with .device and
.devicem) to change colours.

> I need Dark blue and white (whit to showe on a dark background eps
> image).

To write in white you could say

  \m[white]Here comes text written in white\m[]

The list of the predefined colours for the -Tps device can be found in
the file ps.tmac.

> Next two things about the background images.  Ted did a long posting
> about it.  Now I need a different background image on each page
> going all the way out to the borders of the page (26 pages like this
> it is going to bee a big ps file I guess) should it then be
> A string like this:
> \X'ps: import watermark.eps 0 0 594 765 594000 765000'
> on the top of each page?

Here is an example which shows how to scale and position an arbitrary
EPS image with a correct %%BoundingBox comment to completely cover an
A4 page.

  .ds image /usr/local/share/ghostscript/8.53/examples/golfer.eps
  .nr a4-height 29.7c
  .nr a4-width  21.0c
  .vpt 0              \" disable vertical traps
  .mk top             \" mark top position
  .vs 0               \" make .sp directly produce absolute positions
  .po 0               \" no left margin
  .sp |29.7c          \" go to lower left corner
  .psbb \*[image]     \" get bounding box values
  .device ps: import \*[image] \
                     \n[llx] \n[lly] \n[urx] \n[ury] \
                     \n[a4-width] \n[a4-height]
  .sp |\n[top]u
  .vpt 1
  .ps 40
  .vs 48
  .gcolor red
  This is some text
  written on top of a
  PS background image.

The attached EPS file shows the result.


Description: PostScript document

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