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Re: [Groff] Swedish support

From: Jörgen Grahn
Subject: Re: [Groff] Swedish support
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 23:55:44 +0100
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On Thu Mar 16 00:38:08 2006, address@hidden wrote:
> On Fri Mar  3 09:24:22 2006, address@hidden wrote:
> > 
> > I've added a file `sv.tmac' for Swedish support, together with Swedish
> > hyphenation patterns.
> > This file is incomplete; currently it only
> > contains the strings from the -mm translation (so that mm's language
> > support is integrated within the new framework).  Updates are highly
> > welcome!
> At some point I will have a look. But don't let that prevent anyone else
> from doing it -- I write little in my native language so I'm not very
> motivated.

Below (and at is an
update which, as far as I can tell, brings sv.tmac to the same level as
fr.tmac. Caveats and comments:

- I haven't tried any of this ... although I read some of the mom
  documentation to find out what was going on.
- .hcodes map the accented letters 'e' to plain 'e' -- I hope
  that is proper.
- I don't really understand the escapes for national characters.
  Will \[a ao] really end up as 'å'?  I would have expected \[oa].
- What about the '.ss 12 0' line here and in fr.tmac? It makes sense to use
  it in all documents IMHO, but should these files activate it?


Index: tmac/sv.tmac
RCS file: /sources/groff/groff/tmac/sv.tmac,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 sv.tmac
--- tmac/sv.tmac        3 Mar 2006 08:21:46 -0000       1.1
+++ tmac/sv.tmac        21 Mar 2006 22:36:04 -0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 .\" -*- mode: nroff; coding: iso-latin-1; -*-
-.\" Swedish localization for groff (only for mm currently)
+.\" Swedish localization for groff
 .\" Copyright (C) 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
 .\"   Written by Werner Lemberg (address@hidden)
@@ -31,18 +31,18 @@
 .\" Predefined text translations
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-abstract R\[E ']SUM\[E ']\"
+.ds \*[locale]-abstract ABSTRAKT\"
 .ds \*[locale]-app Bilaga\"
 .ds \*[locale]-april april\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-attribute_string par\"
+.ds \*[locale]-attribute_string av\"
 .ds \*[locale]-august augusti\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-chapter_string Chapitre\"
+.ds \*[locale]-chapter_string Kapitel\"
 .ds \*[locale]-december december\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-draft_string Jet\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-endnote_string NOTES\"
+.ds \*[locale]-draft_string Utkast\"
+.ds \*[locale]-endnote_string NOTER\"
 .ds \*[locale]-february februari\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-finis_string FIN\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-friday Vendredi\"
+.ds \*[locale]-finis_string SLUT\"
+.ds \*[locale]-friday fredag\"
 .ds \*[locale]-january januari\"
 .ds \*[locale]-july juli\"
 .ds \*[locale]-june juni\"
@@ -82,22 +82,22 @@
 .ds \*[locale]-lx Uppst\[a :]llningar\"
 .ds \*[locale]-march mars\"
 .ds \*[locale]-may maj\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-monday Lundi\"
+.ds \*[locale]-monday m\[a ao]ndag\"
 .ds \*[locale]-november november\"
 .ds \*[locale]-october oktober\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-paper A4\"
+.ds \*[locale]-paper A4\"
 .ds \*[locale]-qrf Se kapitel \\*[Qrfh], sidan \\*[Qrfp].\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-references Bibliographie\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-revision_string R\[e ']v.\"
+.ds \*[locale]-references Referenser\"
+.ds \*[locale]-revision_string Ver.\"
 .ds \*[locale]-rp Referenser\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-saturday Samedi\"
+.ds \*[locale]-saturday l\[o :]rdag\"
 .ds \*[locale]-september september\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-sunday Dimanche\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-thursday Jeudi\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-toc Table des mati\[e `]res\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-toc_header_string Table des mati\[e `]res\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-tuesday Mardi\"
-.\#.ds \*[locale]-wednesday Mercredi\"
+.ds \*[locale]-sunday s\[o :]ndag\"
+.ds \*[locale]-thursday torsdag\"
+.ds \*[locale]-toc Inneh\[a ao]ll\"
+.ds \*[locale]-toc_header_string Inneh\[a ao]ll\"
+.ds \*[locale]-tuesday tisdag\"
+.ds \*[locale]-wednesday onsdag\"
 .\" Activate the translations
@@ -106,35 +106,36 @@
 .\" ms package
-.\".if r GS \{\
-.\".   \" update the date
-.\".   ds DY \n[dy] \*[MO] \n[year]
-.\".   \" set hyphenation flags
-.\".   nr HY 12
+.if r GS \{\
+.      \" update the date
+.      ds DY \n[dy] \*[MO] \n[year]
+.      \" set hyphenation flags
+.      nr HY 12
 .\" mm package -- additional Swedish localization is done in mse.tmac
 .\" me package
-.\".if d @R \{\
-.\".   \" date update
-.\".   ds td \n(dy \*(mo \n(y4
+.if d @R \{\
+.      \" date update
+.      ds td \n(dy \*(mo \n(y4
 .\" Default encoding
 .mso latin1.tmac
-.\" French hyphenation
+.\" Swedish hyphenation
 .ss 12 0
 .hy 8
 .hcode å å  Å å
 .hcode ä ä  Ä ä
-.hcode è è  È è
 .hcode ö ö  Ö ö
+.hcode é e  É e
+.hcode è e  È e
 .hla sv

  // Jörgen Grahn       "Koka lopplummer, bada Ross, loppor borta."
\X/ <address@hidden>                        -- Jonas

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