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Re: [Groff] pdfroff broken?

From: Keith Marshall
Subject: Re: [Groff] pdfroff broken?
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 05:22:54 +0000

Previously I wrote, quoting Larry Kollar:
> > The change I made was to define .HD at the top of the file as
> > follows:
> >
> > .de HD
> > .  pdfmark /Label (\\n% /PAGELABEL
> > ..
> Isn't that missing a closing parenthesis?  Should it not be
>    .  pdfmark /Label (\\n%) /PAGELABEL ?
> > The intent was to test my theory about setting PDF's page numbers to
> > match the current page number (i.e. if you're in the TOC, the page
> > number should be "iii" or something similar).
> I've tried adding your HD definition in my copy of, (with
> the closing parenthesis in place).  While I can see the /PAGELABEL
> marks in the groff intermediate output, (but strangely, no "i" label
> for the TOC), I see no visible effect on the document display, in
> Acrobat Reader v6.

I've now had a quick look at the Postscript output generated by:

  groff -ww -mspdf pdf$$.cmp | less

(pdf$$.cmp is the final composite reference map for, captured 
from a prior run of `GROFF_TMPDIR=. pdfroff --keep ...'; `$$' represents, 
and must of course be replaced by, the numeric PID of that process).

While the /PAGELABEL marks are present, not one of them is correctly 
placed on the page to which it refers.  I've no idea what `HD' is doing 
here; based on pure conjecture, I suspect some diversion interplay.  This 
will bear further investigation, but I don't have time to follow it up, 
just now.


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