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Re: [Groff] tbl: Standard column width?

From: walter harms
Subject: Re: [Groff] tbl: Standard column width?
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 09:36:29 +0100
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Hi Werner,
i have noticed the problem also (mostly fixing the problem by adding T{ to every line. a max width sepcifierer would be helpfull.
(forcing a wrap ?)


Werner LEMBERG wrote:
I would like to know, if there is a standard column width, when I use
the .TS macro?

Yes.  If there are N columns, and a text block spans C columns, the
default width of this text block is


I've added this information to

The problem is, that the result of the following code is wrapped
text in the second column (independent from MANWIDTH), even if I use

You might try, say,


as the format specificier to slightly increase the width.


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