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[Groff] Adding fonts to groff -- instructions?

From: Robert Marks
Subject: [Groff] Adding fonts to groff -- instructions?
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 17:19:27 +1100 (EST)

Although I've been using t/groff for almost 30 years (all my
word/text processing, including letters (with PostScript
letterheads), memos, academic papers, and lecture handouts and PDF
overheads (using the present package for the mm macros), using
PostScript output to the printer and for making PDFs,
I have never added a font to groff myself.

Now I want to add an ESSTIX font (which comes with .pfb, .afm, .pfm,
and .ttf files) and the only doc I can find is in the momdoc appendices,
but registration of the new font is Debian-specific.

Are there any more general instructions?  Have I missed some?


Robert MARKS, Australian Graduate School of Management,
              UNSW SYDNEY, NSW 2052, Australia
Home page:    <>


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