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Re: [Groff] a couple of problems with macro -me; and requesting help of

From: Daniel Senderowicz
Subject: Re: [Groff] a couple of problems with macro -me; and requesting help of -me users in general
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 12:09:02 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Robert,

>This is because of the way that -me initialises footnotes.  The string \**
>contains the next (formatted) footnote mark; if you alter $f or anything
>else about the definition of the footnote mark, you must also redeclare the
>string.  For your problem, what you need to do is this:
>.nr $f 1
>.ds * \*{1\*}\k*

This works!

>While we're talking about footnotes, you may also want to alter the horrible
>default definition of superscript, which changes the line spacing in the
>text.  In my personal modifications of the -me macros, I have the lines:
>.ds { \v'-.9m\s'\En[.s]*7u/10u'+.7m'
>.ds } \v'-.7m\s0+.9m'
>.ds * \*{1\*}\k*

I will add these to my own menu.

>Did the solution to your other problem - eqn text in a (x environment -
>work?  I'm going to put together a FAQ for the -me macros, so let me know if
>you had to make any other modifications to get it to work (and any other
>nifty hacks or workarounds you - or any other readers! - have come up with
>for complicated documents).

This one I didn't try it yet. Since my equations were just simple
font changes I made them regular text with the same font as the
equations. But I will try them soon and let you know the outcome.

>1) In some documents with footnotes, the pages with footnotes are 2-3 lines
>shorter than the non-footnoted pages.

I see that the bottom line of all footnote(s), if any, are at the
same physical position on the page. So if the footnote(s) is/are
very long, some of the lines in the regular text are shoved to
the next line. So in other words, I also see what you mention.

>2) If an indented (l environment extends over a pagebreak, the indentation
>on the second page is sometimes 'forgotten'.

I didn't see this one, but I'll pay attention next time.

Many thanks for your help.



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