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Re: [Groff] Custom page size & margin

From: lists
Subject: Re: [Groff] Custom page size & margin
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 18:32:00 +0000
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> What macro package are you using? Here's how you'd do it with mm or ms,
> printing to 7x9-inch paper:
>       mm: groff -mm -rO0.75i -rW5.5i -rL9i -P-p9i,7i >
>       ms: groff -ms -rPO=0.75i -rLL=5.5i -rPL=9i -P-p9i,7i >

Larry and Heinz --
Thanks for you reponse, and thanks for all the effort your team are putting into
 the UTP Revival. I'm guessing that you're planning on folding in the "offical"
 "Groff - The GNU implementation of troff Edition 1.19.1", by Trent A. Fisher
and Werner Lemberg into UTP next release?

Your suggestions on macro got me started in the right direction.

Now it's time to rethink my question? What I forgot to mention is that I'm
starting with
PDF documents (8.5x11). What I want to accomplish is (This may be more of a gs

0. pdf -> pdf converion/reformat
1. resize (i.e 8.5x11 -> 6x9 w/ 1/2 in margins & header footer).
2. Fonts; embed, change size & type(i.e Garamond)

I've done it a set at a time by; pdf2ps -> psreize -> ps2pdf?

Make next effort is modify the pdf2ps (pdf2pdf) script like this:

                -sDEVICE=pdfwrite \
                        "-sOutputFile=$outfile" $OPTIONS -c save pop -f "$1"

Then kicking it off like this:
pdf2pdf -dPAPERSIZE=legal infile.pdf outfile.pdf

It created the outpfile, but doesn't resize?

Any thought on this?


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