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RE: [Groff] is it possible to PSPIC in 3 part titles?

From: Ted Harding
Subject: RE: [Groff] is it possible to PSPIC in 3 part titles?
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 08:10:48 +0100 (BST)

On 15-Jun-04 Daniel Senderowicz wrote:
> Hi guys,
> The subject says it all: I'd like to insert a figure in one of
> the corners of every page, is that possible with some of the
> standard macros, e.g. me?

As well as suggestions like Peter Schaffter's (including it in a
macro) you might like to consider using \X'ps: import ... ' which
allows you direct control over placing and size. PSPIC saves you
work, but does carry its own agenda about these.

As an example, suppose you have a PS graphic with BoundingBox
0 0 288 108 (i.e. 4 inches wide, 1.5 inches high) and you want
it 2 inches wide in the top right-hand corner, right-justified.

Let the file be called

Then (ms macros; see below) you can define

.ds RH \Z'\h'-2i'\X'ps: import 0 0 288 108 144000''

(The \Z'...' makes it zero-width and prevents complications with
the right-justification).

With the above, the base of the graphic will sit on the baseline
of the header text, and possibly therefore may go over the top of
the page, so you can modify it by lowering it by say 0.4 inches:

.ds RH \Z'\h'-2i'\v'0.4i'\X'ps: import 0 0 288 108 144000''

You get the idea! The string RH is the standard right-hand component
of the page header in the ms macros. Other macro sets may define it
with a different name. Also, the first page may be treated differently;
when I have had to have something on every page (e.g. crop marks)
I have sometimes done this by modifying the macro which us called at
the bottom of the page (.BT in ms macros). Or (sinpler in this case)
define .RF (ms macros again), which will come out on the first page,
in the same way, but starting with a big vertical motion (up to the
header margin of the page).

To find the BoundingBox you need to read the PS file and look for
a line beginning


(grep is useful).

> On a different note, can some soul tell me why so much spam is
> sneaking through this list?

Some of us would very much like to meet the person who can explain
where this is coming from ...

Best wishes,

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