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[Groff] Re: Grohtml patch, bugs

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: [Groff] Re: Grohtml patch, bugs
Date: 09 Jun 2004 06:02:56 +0100
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Larry Kollar <address@hidden> writes:

> The patch to html-table.cpp below replaces the "paragraph wrapped 
> around the table" scheme to add spacing with a STYLE attribute. This 
> isn't completely the Right Way to do it, which would be a CLASS 
> attribute controlled by a styleshee, but I think it's an improvement.
> Gaius, if you have the time/opportunity, could you download the tarball 
> at and have a look at a 
> couple of things?
>   - fixhtml.sed cleans up some spacing issues that shouldn't need
>     cleaning up. :-)

many thanks an excellent bug report!

>   - Author info is wrapped in an "INDENTATION" table so the author
>     string is just right of center. I looked at s.tmac but I'm not
>    sure what's causing it.

yes, I need to spend a little more time (about a week worth of time I
suspect) to finish the html diversion modifications. They are mostly
working but references and IP are still broken (in my Sandbox copy).
Once done I'd be surprised if the bug reported above remains.

>   - Macros creating the <dl> list are getting wrapped in paragraph tags.
>     Is there any way to make that not happen?

Not yet - I think the solution is to create another class of html-tag
which is used by groff macro-sets (tmac.www) to effectively shutdown a
paragraph before the <dl> is emitted.

>   - Finally, footnote markers are getting wrapped like this:
>     <small><small>1</small></small> instead of <sup>1</sup>

ah ha - grohtml can detect reference citations so it should
detect these as well.. a bug :-(

> Lest I sound like I'm complaining overly much, I have to say I'm 
> surprised at how well the HTML output works with a little one-time 
> effort up front. It certainly looks better than the product of most 
> graphical HTML editors.

many thanks for the patches, feedback and encouragement!


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