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[Groff] Re: Adding styles to DESC

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] Re: Adding styles to DESC
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 07:12:24 +0200 (CEST)

> I'm having trouble with adding styles to the font/devps/DESC file.
> There's obviously something I'm missing.
> Say I have the Frutiger family with fonts in the following styles:
>   roman        R
>   italic       I
>   bold         B
>   bold italic  BI
>   light        L
>   light italic LI
>   black        BL
>   black italic BLI
>   ultra black  UB
> I create font files in font/devps/ with the names FRU
Don't use this directory.  Since 1.18.1, user-defined PS fonts should
be placed into <prefix>/groff/site-font/devps/ (<prefix> is normally

> (i.e. FRUTIGER) with the styles attached, like this:
>   FRUR
>   FRUI
>   FRUB
>   FRUL
> Now, in the DESC file, I add to the default line, "styles R I B BI",
> the extra styles "L LI BL BLI UB".

Uh, oh, this is completely wrong.  Don't touch the contents of the
DESC file except you want to change the default fonts of groff for all
documents.  Instead, use the `.sty' request.  From, node
`Font Families':

     The `styles' command in the `DESC' file controls which font
     positions (if any) are initially associated with styles rather
     than fonts.  For example, the default setting for POSTSCRIPT

          styles R I B BI

     is equivalent to

          .sty 1 R
          .sty 2 I
          .sty 3 B
          .sty 4 BI

So, you should say

  .sty \n[.fp] L
  .sty \n[.fp] LI
  .sty \n[.fp] BL
  .sty \n[.fp] BLI
  .sty \n[.fp] UB
  .fam FRU
  .ft LI

Register `.fp' is used not to overwrite font positions already

> Then, when I do, for example
>   .fam FRU
>   .ft LI
>    some text
> "some text" comes out in Frutiger Light Italic, as expected.
> However, when I follow that with, e.g.
>   .fam T
>   .ft B
>   some more text
> "some more text" does not come out in Times-Roman bold, but rather
> in Frutiger bold.  IOW, the .fam request is not accessing the
> Times-Roman family as instructed.  The only way I can get .fam T to
> change to Times-Roman is by preceding .fam T with a superfluous .ft
> R.

You should read the stuff from section `Font Families'.
Reason for the problem you describe is that after `.fam T' the style
`LI' (set by .ft) is still active.  groff consequently tries to access
font `TLI' which fails, thus the .fam command is ignored.


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