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Re: [Groff] autoconf + X appres files

From: Bernd Warken
Subject: Re: [Groff] autoconf + X appres files
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 09:12:19 +0200

Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> schrieb am 31.05.04 17:43:25:
> I'm converting gxditview (part of groff) from an Imakefile to a normal
> Makefile, based on autoconf.  Everything works fine except how and
> where to install the default application resource file,
> `'.

Is there a chance to use /etc/groff/...?

> The `logical' place to install the resource file is apparently
> /usr/X11/lib/X11/app-defaults (where `/usr/X11/lib' is dependent on
> the X11 installation), but I'm not happy with it since it completely
> ignores the --prefix value.

According to the FHS, /usr is read-only except for system updates, while 
/usr/local is writable.  Relying on /usr/X11, acts against this concept.

BTW thank you that you started working on gxditview.

Bernd Warken

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