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[Groff] "warning mask must be between 0 786431"

From: Andrew J. Piziali
Subject: [Groff] "warning mask must be between 0 786431"
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 10:48:31 -0600 (CST)

   When groff is formatting for the "ascii" device and encounters the
request ".warn 1048575" it displays the warning message "warning mask
must be between 0 786431."  Yet, 1,048,575 (0xFFFFF) is the sum of the
warning numbers specified in the groff info page (groff 1.18), twenty
bits of a bit mask.  I want to disable one warning -- undefined strings,
macros and diversions, warning number 512 -- so I specified:

        .nr allWarnings 1048575
        .nr undefString     512
        .warn \n[allWarnings]-\n[undefString]

but this is rejected.

   Why is groff rejecting specification of the bit for warning "ig,"
warning number 262144 (0x40000), "invalid escapes in text ignored with
the `ig' request," when invoked as "groff -Tascii ...?"

   Thank you.

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