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Re: Readability of troff documents (Was: [Groff] Bug in gxditview)

From: Alejandro Lopez-Valencia
Subject: Re: Readability of troff documents (Was: [Groff] Bug in gxditview)
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 16:09:07 -0500

At 02:41 p.m. 23/05/2003, Giorgos Magos wrote:
Alejandro Lopez-Valencia wrote:
> Sure! Take a close look at

Exciting stuff! I just had a look at it, and really liked the ReStructured
Text concept (basically use normal typed text conventions to convey logical
formatting, instead of special formatting codes). No mention of [gt]roff,
though :-(

The best way to get a good feeling for the project is to download a copy of the CVS. There is a sandbox area where you can find among other things a LaTeX and an OpenOffice back-end (of all things!). I've been thinking about butchering the LaTeX back-end into ms first, and then into mm (or just into mm because it is so much flexible), but I really need to write that groff codec...

As far as I understand, the idea is to move most, if not all, python documentation to ReST instead of the bunch of unholy LaTeX macros that are used at present (I wouldn't touch those with a long pole, yuck!).

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