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[Groff] mom 1.1.6 now available

From: Peter Schaffter
Subject: [Groff] mom 1.1.6 now available
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 00:05:15 -0400
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Hi all!

Version 1.1.6 of the mom macros is now available at

I'll be sending patches to Werner, so you have the choice of
getting mom from the website or waiting till the patches get
applied to mom in the groff repository.

The major change to mom in this release is the addition of table
of contents generation.  Quite a few folks wrote me privately
begging for this, so I've obliged.  There's also a full suite of
"control" macros to help users design the look of their tocs.

There are quite a few changes, some visible, some not.  Amongst the
visible ones are the addition of more macros to control the
appearance of endnotes pages.  Chief amongst them is that it is
now possible to set a document in columns and have the endnotes

There's also a new DOC_TITLE macro which tells mom about documents
collated together where each separate doc has its own title, but
the overall doc has another.  By default, the overall document
title appears header left, and the individual documents' titles
appear header center.

To complement this change, there's now a HEADER_CENTER_PAD macro
that allows users to put specified amounts of space left or right
of the header center string, which helps visually center the string
when either the left or right part of the header is unusually long.
In RECTO_VERSO printing, mom figures out which side of the header
center string to put the padding on odd and even pages.

On the "invisble" side, there are significant changes to the START,
and ENDNOTES. Furthermore, I've futzed around with the handling of
document leading adjustment (i.e. adjusting the leading so that
pages are properly filled with type).  Hopefully, this won't affect
documents created with previous versions of mom, but if anyone
encounters anomolies, please let me know.  The big change is that
formerly, if one set the leading with LS prior to START, one had to
invoke DOC_LEAD_ADJUST in order to get adjusted leading.  As of
1.1.6, the reverse is true: if one sets the leading with LS prior
to START, one now has to invoke DOC_LEAD_ADJUST OFF, otherwise,
mom automatically applies leading adjustment.  This seems to be
what users who've written me want, and I can see the logic of it.
Almost no one uses non-adjusted leading.

See the NEWS and ChangeLog files for more information, as well as
mom's html documentation.


Peter Schaffter
Author of _The Schumann Proof_, appearing fall, 2004
(pub. RendezVous Press, Canada)

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