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Re: [Groff] Need help with package creation

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: Re: [Groff] Need help with package creation
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 21:37:10 -0400

On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 04:24 AM, Ralph Corderoy wrote:

Obviously, groff is picking up the install directory and using it as
the default environment. Is there any way to decouple the install
prefix & environment prefix, so I can install groff into a clean
directory & build the package? Am I making any sense at all?

Yep.  Try, on a clean area,

    ./configure &&
    make all check &&
    make prefix=/tmp/groffpkg install

Ahhhhh, that did it! Thanks much!

(Now to find a place where I can put a couple of 4MB .pkg's,
one for letter & one for A4.)

Larry Kollar     k  o  l  l  a  r  @  a  l  l  t  e  l  .  n  e  t
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