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[Groff] Combining portrait and landscape tables in the one document.

From: Graham Smith
Subject: [Groff] Combining portrait and landscape tables in the one document.
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 17:57:01 +1000
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I'm using groff in combination with tbl to produce reports out of a database. 
These reports can span quite a number of pages. In one particular report I am 
wanting to produce a summary table in landscape where as the rest of the 
report is in portrait. The summay table spans two to three pages in landscape 
mode. Landscape is required because of the column widths needed for the 
report to remain legible.  

I have tried using  \X'ps: exec 90 rotate' but it only changes that of the 
first page of a table the second page reverts back to portrait. 

How do you ensure a whole table is rotated by 90 degrees and the header and 
footer remain in portrait mode or are rotated with the table? 

I know I can just produce two separate reports but this mucks up the page 
numbering and when printed in duplex mode, mucks up the layout of the report. 
The other difficulty is that I would have to run the report twice as I cannot 
change the output file name whilst running the report.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Graham Smith

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