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[Groff] problems with tbl underline

From: michelle
Subject: [Groff] problems with tbl underline
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 13:04:19 -0400


I have been using tbl and nroff in Unix SunOS5.8 to create an ASCII 
table by doing:

tbl test.tbl | nroff | col -b > file.txt

However, for some unknown reason, some rows in test.tbl are not being 
displayed in the ASCII table.  I checked and the missing rows are the 
ones directly above any "_" on a single line in the code (i.e. rows 
directly above an underline). The ASCII table displays the underline 
correctly, but I'm missing the previous row.  If a add an empty line 
before the "_", the problem is partly fixed, but I still don't get all 
my rows.

I tried the same code using the tbl version that comes with groff 1.17.2 
on Linux and it works perfectly =-)  It's even nicer since the table 
corners are '+' signs.  Will the latest Unix version of groff and tbl 
solve this problem?

Thanks, Michelle

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