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[Groff] Newbie to groff question. Image "figure: X.X" generation problem

From: javier . gracia
Subject: [Groff] Newbie to groff question. Image "figure: X.X" generation problems.
Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 13:18:45 +0200
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Hi all.

I have written a document and formatted it using groff and the "ms" macro. Now 
I want to include references to the pictures included to produce a table of 
pictures, and to refer to them through the text by their number.

I tried to use .FG to do the work, but it is used with the "mm" macros, and my 
source files doesn't compile with "groff -mm ".

Is there any easy way I can use .FG in my source files ( maybe with some option 
in "groff -ms -<??>". 

Sorry if the question is too simple for this list, help or pointing me to the 
correct direction will be heavily appreciated.


Some info:
GNU troff version 1.15 on Debian Potato.

Error when using groff -ms:
 warning: `FG' not defined

I'm using 
copy "/path/to/"
to include the figures.

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