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[Groff] pic -t \graphtemp broken

From: Hartmut Henkel
Subject: [Groff] pic -t \graphtemp broken
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 23:20:05 +0200 (CEST)


currently (today's CVS) pic -t is broken here, as the check for existing
\graphtemp gives an TeX error. One must use the \csname...\endcsname
construct there, as it is done with the \graph box. The patch in file
tex.cpp is:

--- tex.cpp.orig        Wed Apr 23 22:27:28 2003
+++ tex.cpp     Wed Apr 23 23:11:12 2003
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
   printf("\\expandafter\\ifx\\csname %s\\endcsname\\relax\n"
         "  \\newbox\\%s\n"
-        "\\expandafter\\ifx\\graphtemp\\relax\n"
+        "\\expandafter\\ifx\\csname graphtemp\\endcsname\\relax\n"
         "  \\newdimen\\graphtemp\n"
         "\\setbox\\%s=\\vtop{\\vskip 0pt\\hbox{%%\n",

Greetings Hartmut

Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Henkel
Oftersheim, Germany
E-Mail: address@hidden

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