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[Groff] Re-using PSPIC insertions

From: Ted Harding
Subject: [Groff] Re-using PSPIC insertions
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 13:17:19 -0000 (GMT)

Hi Folks,

Encapsulated PostScript items can be included using .PSPIC
or with the escape sequence \X'ps: include ... '.

Now suppose the included graphic is something that is wanted
frequently in a document (e.g. in page headers or footers).
Repeated calls to .PSPIC or \X'ps: include ... ' will result
in the PS code being embedded every time, and if this is bulky
then the document file will be huge.

However, if one were creating a document in "raw PostScript"
it would be possible to define once and for all a PS name
which would invoke the PS code for the graphic. In this way,
the code would only need to be embedded once in the document,
and could be called by name whenever wanted.

Does anyone have a good idea for how to do this in groff?
The only way which occurs to me is to create a PS file in the
first place which incorprates the code and defines a name for
it, and then include it once using .PSPIC or \X'ps: include ... ';
thereafter, it could perhaps be invoked using \X'ps: exec ... '.

Best wishes to all,

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