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[Groff] -me questions

From: Robert D. Goulding
Subject: [Groff] -me questions
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 11:30:59 -0500 (EST)

A couple of questions about the -me macros.

(1) Footnote marks in the text cause an unsightly temporary increase of
the line-spacing (between the line with the footnote-mark and the
previous line).  This does not occur in the -ms or -mm macros.  I've
tried replacing the -me definition of \*{ with that from -ms, but the
problem is unaltered.  This did seem the most likely solution to me: the
-me definition (at line 1478) is:

.ds { \v'-0.4m'\x'\\n(0x=0*-0.2m'\s-3

where the \x is responsible for extra space.  But replacing this
had no effect (see document attached).

(2) The e.tmac in the source tarball has comments and indented code; but
this is all stripped out in the installation process.  Why is this?

Thanks, Robert.

Robert Goulding
Society of Fellows
Joseph Henry House
Princeton NJ 08544

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