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Re: [Groff] Unix Man Pages

From: Doug Royer
Subject: Re: [Groff] Unix Man Pages
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 11:34:26 -0700
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I do not know of a cross platform way:

        Some Unix's have 'catman'

       Man will try to save the formatted man pages, in order to save  format-
       ting time the next time these pages are needed.  Traditionally, format-
       ted versions of pages in DIR/manX are saved in DIR/catX, but other map-
       pings from man dir to cat dir can be specified in /usr/etc/man.config.
       No cat pages are saved when the required cat directory does not  exist.
       No  cat  pages are saved when they are formatted for a line length dif-
       ferent from 80.  No cat pages are saved when man.conf contains the line

(and for some man.config is in /etc)

My man.config has (among other entries):

        # NOCACHE keeps man from creating cache pages ("cat pages")
        # (generally one enables/disable cat page creation by
        # creating/deleting the directory they would live in - man
        # never does mkdir)

J Robinson wrote:
Hello Eveyone,


Any tips on how to approach this in a *nix-independent
manner (while still retaining man page formatting) are
most welcome. Thanks in advance for any tips or leads.


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