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[Groff] Using C with glib instead of C++ for groff

From: Robert Suetterlin
Subject: [Groff] Using C with glib instead of C++ for groff
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 10:26:48 +0100
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        what's the topic here?  32 bit Integers?  Or C++ use of
namespaces?  Or I18N?

If the problem is ``groff uses static instead of namespace'' why not
change the 2.0 code to use namespaces?  The time of C++ compilers that
don't know how to handle namespaces is over (really!).

If the problem is ``we need an 32 bit Integer'' (I really wonder where
such a constraint derives from) why not solve it in the configure
script.  If it is a question of ``efficient Integer Type with at least
32 bit'' then there should be a small piece of software that implements
just the inner loop and can be timed depending on all available integer
types with the necessary bit width.

I cannot see any point for using ``glib'' to solve any of the above

Sincerely, Robert S.

Robert Suetterlin (address@hidden)
phone: (+49)89 / 30000-3546   fax: (+49)89 / 30000-3950

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