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[Groff] m.tmac fails on some texts

From: Lars Segerlund
Subject: [Groff] m.tmac fails on some texts
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 16:05:33 +0100
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Groff 1.18.1 still gives me this on the swedish mm manual .. im looking into m.tmac now, but any hints would be appreciated.

the following lines are causing this:

.H 2 "Denna manuals uppläggning"

 However  I think it has to do with the page break.
I really have been loking at this and getting nowhere, so any help appreciated.

 / Lars Segerlund.

Footer# 199 (
Page# 200 (
address@hidden .t=753 nl=84
address@hidden       0
address@hidden       837
print-float: .t=753, h=0
/usr/share/groff/1.18.1/tmac/m.tmac:1939: backtrace: while loop
/usr/share/groff/1.18.1/tmac/m.tmac:1943: backtrace: macro address@hidden'
/usr/share/groff/1.18.1/tmac/m.tmac:1876: backtrace: macro address@hidden'
/usr/share/groff/1.18.1/tmac/m.tmac:1238: backtrace: trap-invoked macro address@hidden

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