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[Groff] Bugs in the UTP Book

From: Michael Hobgood
Subject: [Groff] Bugs in the UTP Book
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 15:56:07 -0600

Earlier Ralph Corderoy reported:

>If .do-page is used then the formatting of the book hangs somewhere
>around the `ig ,' in ch14.t.  A poorly placed .page perhaps?  -mtrace
>helps a bit here.

Using the files from Larrys site, with the addition of the
corrections already known, I cannot reproduce this.
Putting .do-page in each file, it works.
What I can do though, when using my local copy of the 
proofread version of chapter 11, is get this:

ch11.t: 1393: fatalerror: input stack limit exceeded (probable
infinite loop.)

Note, the marked up version of chapter 11 doesn't have the
page number comments in the .page xxx format, so .do-page
doesn't really apply on this chapter.

Now, I can fix this in one of two ways:

One: change the location of .page 295 from above the line
        .Bh "Shell Filename Metacharacters"
to under the .LP that immediately follows the .Bh

Two: immediately above the .page 295, add .sp 2v.
This must be at least 2v or it doesn't "fix" the error.

Either one of these will "fix" the error.  Neither makes sense.
Throughout chapter 11, .page macros appear above both .Ah and .Bh
lines.  All of them work except for this one.

Michael Hobgood

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