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[Groff] .PSPIC with text fill?

From: Egil Kvaleberg
Subject: [Groff] .PSPIC with text fill?
Date: 10 Nov 2002 07:32:56 +0100

Has someone written a PSPIC variant or extension that allows for text
fill around the image? More or less equivalent to how images usually are
treated in HTML. Image right adjusted is sufficient for me need right

Presumably it needs to do something like this:
        1. Check that there is room - put into a diversion for the next         
page if not.
        2. Check if we are already "in" another image, if so delay
           this image untill the previous is done with.
        3. Add the image to the right, and reduce the line length
        4. Add a trap to reset the line length when we are done.

Something related, perhaps: I've toyed with plot2dev for greytone
images, and the result is less than satisfactory. Would it be an idea to
extend PIC to handle raster images in some way. The PSPIC/grops approach
does seem a bit like a "hack" for me, although it of course works well

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