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[Groff] UTP Chapter 16

From: Michael Hobgood
Subject: [Groff] UTP Chapter 16
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 01:56:25 -0500

If no one objects, I will start marking up 
Chapter 16.  I am not pressed for time,
so I should be able to complete it within
a week or so.

If I hear of no objections by the end of the
27th day of August, I will start on it.

Larry, do you have someone who is going to 
actually go through the chapters and 
verify them for content?

If not, I will be glad to work with the people
who have invested their time and effort in this
project and do so.  Since it involves a lot of
time, it will take awhile to get done, so the
earlier we start, the better off we will be.

Michael Hobgood

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