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[Groff] Bug with mom-1.1.3 and deferred footnotes

From: Michael Hobgood
Subject: [Groff] Bug with mom-1.1.3 and deferred footnotes
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 00:11:46 -0500

I've another problem with the mom-1.1.3 macro package.
This one occurs on either groff-1.17.2 or groff-1.18
so it should be mom-1.1.3 specific.

The problem is that deferred footnotes are not being
output.  They are correctly being flagged and the
correct symbol for the footnote shows up in the
postscript output, but the footnotes themselves
never get printed.

The attached file has source code that will
reproduce the problem. 

Is this a real bug, or am I just unable to 
adequately understand the mom documentation?

Michael Hobgood

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