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[Groff] Prime in eqn under groff 1.17 -- symbol missing!

From: Robert Marks
Subject: [Groff] Prime in eqn under groff 1.17 -- symbol missing!
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 14:36:37 +1000 (EST)

I'm converting my files from dwb 2.0 to groff.  I have a developed a
sed file to change the \(cc characters from their troff names to
their groff names.  I had been getting an error msg under groff that
character mt was not found (as I already knew) -- but I wasn't
calling \(mt directly.  Then I noticed that there were no prime
symbols printing under eqn, so I went into the devps/S file and added
a line which meant that \(mt was a clone of \(fm.

Now prime works, although without sufficient space between the prior
character and the prime sign.

Yes, I know about opprime, but playing with the font definitions (as
I describe above) should not be necessary -- if eqn prime calls \(mt,
then it should be available, or not be called.

Bob Marks

Robert MARKS, Australian Graduate School of Management,
              UNSW SYDNEY, NSW 2052, Australia
Home page:    <>
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