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[Groff] Bug in html backend

From: Mark Veltzer
Subject: [Groff] Bug in html backend
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 17:31:39 +0300

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Hello all!!!

New on this list (signed up today).

I'm developing a new manual page system which stores all manual pages in an 
RDBMS and not on the HD (so an organization with a fast network could share 
the manual pages and save disk space). As a part of that I've run an import 
process into the database of all manual pages in my system and at the same 
time convesion to various formats (ps,dvi,html).

I'm using groff version 1.18 compiled from source using gcc-2.95.3.

Most of the problems are with the HTML backend.

Here is an instant:

address@hidden groff -m mandoc -T html /local/tools/man/man1/perlform.1
post-grohtml:/local/tools/share/groff/site-tmac/man.local:4281:fatal error: 
need to increase char_block::SIZE

Please tell me if my command line makes sense.

The input file is /local/tools/man/man1/perlform.1 which is rather a standard 
file (one of the manual pages that come with perl).

I've attached the file so it can be reviewed.

I would appreciate a fix and will be willing to test patches to the source.
Since I think I will be quite a heavy user of groff by doing this project (I 
intend to convert ALL manuals in my system to ALL formats that groff 
supports) you can consider me as quite a heavy tester...:)
(My system is heavily loaded with software and has LOTS of manual pages and 
this should prove quite a regression test for groff).

BTW: Why wont you add such a regression test to the groff source ? At the end 
of the install a user could do "make test" and it will attempt to convert 
various manual pages to various formats and will run various tests on them... 
This will increase the quality of new releases of groff since a new release 
won't be made until the regression test passes on the maintainers machines. 
This will also increase the level of bug reporting since you could just tell 
the users that are having problems "could you please send me the output of 
"make test" ?". Just a thought.



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