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[Groff] caron chars

From: janez . zemva
Subject: [Groff] caron chars
Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2002 03:38:34 -0600

Hello everyone! May I ask why chars like \(vs, \(vS, \(vz and \(vZ exist, but no \(vc and \(vC. This is causing me great problems, since I need to use the following hacks:
instead of \(vc:        \o'c\(ah'
and \(vC: \o'C\ps+2\(ah\ps-2' which is ugly and does not always work (for different font sizes). I am also wondering why some named characters suddenly became undocumented (i.e. are missing from the groff_char manpage)? Also, I think it would be great if latin2 preprocessors existed, translating latin2 chars into groff escape sequences. Otherwise, I think that groff-1.18 is the best typesetter on earth (have no time to bother with LaTeX stuff). If you can hack, there are always ways to do everything.
Janez Zemva
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