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[Groff] grog and mom.

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: [Groff] grog and mom.
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 11:27:29 +0100

Hi Werner,

Please ignore my grog patch from the other day, there was an error in
the part.

After fixing that, I found some existing problems, e.g. the first egrep
passes through many more lines than intended.  However, on testing my
changes I find and give different results on the same
file, so they clearly don't encompass the same logic.

Can we pick one, preferably the more portable, and work on that
one being correct?  What advantage does the perl version have?

As for adding -mom detection, that's easy enough by checking for
.PRINTSTYLE or .START.  But -mom documents use .PS and .TS so that
triggers pic and tbl command line options.

I know "Mom has not been tested with any of the groff preprocessors
(eqn, grap, grn, pic, refer soelim, tbl), although she works fine with
.PSPIC). Interaction with them is not really in her design mandate", but
re-using well-known pre-processor `tags' presumably causes problems
unless GNU pic's behaviour of only matching /^\.PS$/ is being relied

What do people think grog's route should be?  If -mom then ignore .TS,
.PS, etc.?



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