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Re: [Groff] additions to autoconf files

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [Groff] additions to autoconf files
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 21:43:45 +0100

Hi Bernd,

> The groff autoconf files are far from being complete.
> ...
> 1) Most header include files used within groff are not even tested on
> being present.
> ...
> It is necessary to add the following tests to `'
> dnl add checks for further non-X header files
> AC_CHECK_HEADERS(assert.h config.h ctype.h errno.h fcntl.h getopt.h \
>                  gnu-versions.h groff-getopt.h io.h libintl.h osfcn.h \
>                  process.h signal.h stdarg.h stddef.h stdio.h \
>                  sys/mman.h sys/param.h sys/stat.h sys/types.h \
>                  sys/wait.h time.h unixlib.h wchar.h)
> dnl add checks for X header files
> AC_CHECK_HEADERS(X11/Intrinsic.h X11/IntrinsicP.h X11/Shell.h \
>                  X11/StringDefs.h X11/Xatom.h X11/Xaw/Box.h \
>                  X11/Xaw/Command.h X11/Xaw/Dialog.h X11/Xaw/Label.h \
>                  X11/Xaw/Paned.h X11/Xaw/SimpleMenu.h X11/Xaw/SmeBSB.h \
>                  X11/Xaw/Viewport.h X11/Xlib.h X11/Xmu/Converters.h \
>                  X11/Xos.h,,HAVE_NOT_ALL_X_INCLUDES=1)

I don't think it is the autoconf way to check for *every* header file.
Some are just going to exist or we're in trouble, e.g. groff-getopt.h.
Some will always exist or we haven't got a C compiler, e.g. assert.h.
And some are implied by the presence of others, e.g. X11/IntrinsicP.h.

I think Werner just has to check for ones that can sometimes be missing
and put a workaround in for those cases.  That's not saying that some of
the above don't fall into that category.



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