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Re: [Groff] UTP chapter 16

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [Groff] UTP chapter 16
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 16:32:50 +0100


> I missed Michael Hobgood's message that he's taking chapter 14; He's
> already half-way through typing it, so I'll take:
> Chapter 16 "What's in a Macro Package"

I've an unofficial list of who's doing what that may be more up to date
than Larry's official one.  It currently says

    ch00 (Preface) - Stewart Russell
    ch01 (From Typewriters to Word Processors) - Stewart Russell
    ch02 (UNIX Fundamentals) - Stewart Russell
    ch03 (Learning vi) - 
    ch04 (nroff and troff) - Colin Watson
    ch05 (The ms macros) - Larry Kollar
    ch06 (The mm macros) - 
    ch07 (Advanced Editing) - 
    ch08 (Formatting with tbl) - 
    ch09 (Typesetting Equations with eqn) - Michael Hobgood
    ch10 (Drawing Pictures) - 
    ch11 (A Miscellany of UNIX Commands) - 
    ch12 (Let the Computer do the Dirty Work) - 
    ch13 (The awk Programming Language) - 
    ch14 (Writing nroff and troff Macros) - Michael Hobgood
    ch15 (Figures and Special Effects) - Michael Hobgood
    ch16 (What's in a Macro Package?) - Steve Izma
    ch17 (An Extended ms Macro Package) - 
    ch18 (Putting it All Together) - 
    appa (Editor Command Summary) - 
    appb (Formatter Command Summary) - 
    appc (Shell Command Summary) - Ralph Corderoy
    appd (Format of troff Width Tables) - Ralph Corderoy
    appe (Comparing mm and ms) - Ralph Corderoy
    appf (The format Macros) - Ralph Corderoy
    appg (Selected Readings) - Ralph Corderoy



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