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[Groff] UTP project

From: Steve Izma
Subject: [Groff] UTP project
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 12:26:30 -0400

I have a copy of OCRShop for 30-day trial and have tried UTP chapter
14 with it, and I'm getting some odd results. I have been
scanning a book for work (prose, straight text) and OCRShop works
extremely well in creating plain text files (it will also produce
other formats that I haven't tested much). However, with the UTP
book, chapter 14, certain regular paragraphs of text get broken
up into very short (3-6 characters) lines. I've used the pbm
files from O'Reilly and scanned the same pages myself (I have a
copy of the original Hayden book) with the same results. I will
pursue this on chapter 14, but unless someone recognizes this
problem, I'll need to spend some amount of time searching through
the OCRShop docs for a clue. A couple of perusals haven't come up
with much.

One way or another, though, I'll do chapter 14.

On the topic of a macro package for the book, does anyone think
it worthwhile to tag the text as XML? I have various python
scripts for going from XML (or strict SGML) to groff requests and
if we're going to consider reworking a macro package, we would
just need to think in terms of XML structure when designing the
macros (i.e., we would mostly need to write starting and ending macros 
for elements).

                -- Steve

Steve Izma,                               (519) 884-0710 ext. 6125
    Wilfrid Laurier University Press      FAX: (519) 725-1399
    Waterloo, Ont., Canada N2L 3C5        address@hidden

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